"You're actually pretty funny"
— Unknown classmate

I think this quote says something about me. I like to think before i speak, I guess that sometimes makes your joke timing not 100%. It also made writing this text really hard.

When designing i like to see the whole picture. I want to create things that are based on insights, needs or real problems. Im always striving for smart, clean and simple design. When possible it should also be fun.

Right now im looking for a job in Amsterdam. A dream position for me, would be to work in the begning of creative processes with a visual focus.

Im used to hosting workshops and working together with the client from the beginning, designing things and concepts thats connected to more real values than "I like yellow, lets make the logo yellow"

Titles that would fit me: Art Director, Visual designer - or any other titel that is about ideas and design.

Im currently working as a freelancer.

Reach me at:
+46 700 50 97 23

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Work - Fulltime

Branding, Illustration, Presentation decks & Production
Selection of clients: Klarna, FirstVet, C More & Johan Wegbrant Arkitektur
2019 —

Wingårdh Arkitektkontor
AD-assistant, Final Art, Photographer, Web developer
2012 — 2019

Svenska Livräddningsällskapet
Swiming teacher
2007 — 2009


AM Copenhagen
2018-04 — 2018-12

Final Art
2011-11 — 2012-03

Final Art
2011-05 — 2011-06


Hyper Island, Digital media creative
2017 — 2018

YRGO, Inforamtion production, prepress
2010 — 2012

Munkebäcksgymnasiet, Graphic Communication
2006 — 2009

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