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In this project i will go abit more in depth, showcasing the process behind the solution.

We had the opportunity to work with the swedish brand Länsförsäkringar, they are a customer-owned insurance company founded in 1936. They provide both private and business insurances, as well as having a bank and real estate agency.

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Länsförsäkringar came to us asking for help how to stay relevant moving in to a digital world, especially how to connect to the new digital citizens. Länsförsäkringar specified these new citizens as millennials.

Something our group (Teo,, Elina, Adrian, Sara and me) found interesting in the initial contact with the client was this sentence.

“We are trying to come up with new solutions for a new generation. We see this as a must to stay relevant in the future. We are also looking into solving problems before they emerge.”

This sentence was something we keept in mind during our 4 weeks working on this project.


To start of the project, we set out to do research, we used a few different methods, doing interviews, surveys and an online diary exercice to get to know out target audience better.

Based on the research we concluded 3 main pain points.

We also concluded these 3 insights.


Based on these findings we found that throwing money at marketing isn’t going to help Länsförsäkringar when their product does not fit the end user’s needs.

We saw an opportunity to help Länsförsäkringar help millennials by developing a new service covering the actual needs of a new generation.

So what is this service?


It’s a customisable tailor-made insurance that adapts to your lifestyle. Always up to date, using devices in your life to make it cheaper and more personal.

Everyone is different and has different needs, and with our service people will be able to create an insurance that fits their lifestyle.

Starting the production of the app for the service, me and Adrian started sketching on paper. We found that both of us sketching on the same part of the app, lets say "User profile" for a set time, then looking over each other's solutions and picking the best parts of them worked well for us to move forward.

After doing most of the app on paper we moved on to making it digital, using the Prototype function in Adobe XD we where able to go around and test the app in our class, changing and adapting to the feedback we recived.

So for the service we want to use data from the users phone, wearables and IoT devices in their home to make the insurance more smooth and as frictionless as possible.

Imagine one of the pipes in you wall starts leaking. With a humidity sensor in the wall, the insurance company won’t only be able to tell that it’s leaking, but they will be able to do so before the damage is visible in your home.

The more smart things you would connect to your insurance, the lower your monthly fee would be, seeing as you're helping with risk prevention by sharing your data.

Fixing the problem before the damage is done would be an advantage to Länsförsäkringar, it’s cheaper to tighten a screw than rebuilding something from the ground up.

And here is the end, thanks for scrolling this far!

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